Website copywriting to get your customers clicking

So you’ve hired the designers, you’ve had the awkward professional photo shoot and you’ve built the website. You’re ready to rock, right?


A flashy looking website is a great start, but it won’t keep your audience on your page. And it won’t appease the search engine gods either. Awesome web copy will.

Why do you need a website copywriter?

You’ve got about three seconds to capture the attention of your audience before they go back to scrolling through their Facebook feeds.

You need a website copywriter who knows how to hook someone in, keep them reading, and get them clicking that all important “add to cart” or “contact me” button.

You need a website copywriter just like me.

What’s so good about me?

I’ve been writing for businesses for more than a decade. I know how to turn the stuff you love about your business into the stuff customers want to hear about (and ultimately buy).

And I know how to write for the web so that your site attracts the right people (through a healthy search engine ranking) and keeps them engaged.

How much does website copywriting cost?

I’d say “how long is a piece of string?” but I hate that saying. It's useless and annoying. Instead, I’m going to politely direct you to my copywriting rates page to check out some example price packages.

Starting a new website project or revamping your current website?

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