HOw much does it cost to work with me?

Nearly every copywriting project is different, so every quote will be different. That's why lots of copywriters don’t publish their rates online. I think that’s fair enough. But I also think it’s a bit annoying if you’re trying to figure how much to budget for your project. So here are a few of my standard packs to give you an idea of what working with me might cost. Just keep in mind if you have tight timelines there may be a rush fee applied to these rates.

If you'd like to get started with one of these packs contact me today.

If you need something else, like a brochure, tagline, blog post, award submission, annual report, content strategy, tone of voice guide, editing, proofreading or one-of-a-kind monster drawing, get in touch for a custom quote.

Four package options including copywriting rates