The copywriting process

Never worked with a copywriter before? Not sure where to start? Don’t stress. I’m the expert at this part, so you don’t have to be.

What to expect when you work with me

Getting in touch— drop me a line and tell me a little bit about yourself and your project. It's as easy as that to get the ball rolling.

Briefing— to achieve the best result I have to get to know all about you; your industry, your audience and your business goals. I'll send you a copy brief to complete that will give me a deep understanding of your project objectives and target audience so I can create engaging content that will help your project succeed.

We can also have a chat over the phone or via video conference at this stage (or at any stage!) to flesh out all the details. Be prepared, I ask a lot of questions.

Working out the details— once I have a good idea of your project I’ll send a proposal that covers the scope (what I’ll deliver), timings (by when) and quote (for how much). I don’t do hourly rates, I find project quotes get the best results all round with no nasty invoice surprises for you.

Locking it in— I book out in advance, so to lock in my time you need to accept the proposal and pay a 50% first instalment. If the job is under $500 I’ll ask you to pay 100% up front (this is pretty standard practice for Australian copywriters).

Getting to work— as soon as I have your payment, completed copy brief and all the background materials I can get to work writing your first draft. I may come back to you with questions at this stage, usually over email. I write all my copy in Google docs, it's dead easy to use and supports collaboration. If you'd prefer I work in MS Word, or any other program, just let me know.

Reviewing— I send you the first draft in Google docs so you can review, comment and markup any changes. And I also send you the invoice for the final 50% instalment payment with this first draft.

You get two cracks at revising the copy. Sometimes I nail things on the first go, other times it takes a couple of rounds of changes to get an end result we are both happy with. If you need a third, fourth, fifth or twentieth draft, these will come at an extra cost to you.

Finalising the copy— you sign off the final draft I hand it over to you in Google docs (or another program if you prefer). If it’s a big project I might arrange for a third-party to proofread the document before handing it over, just to make sure we’ve crossed all our ‘i’s’ and dotted all our ‘t’s’.

Happy days— we wrap up the project and I'll ask for a testimonial so future clients know what it's like working with me. If there are any extra costs I’ll send another invoice and all copyright for the content is passed to you when the final invoice is paid.

Ready to get started?

"Anna never ceases to amaze me. She responds promptly, she meets deadlines, and she writes precisely as the brief has requested. Anna has an uncanny knack for tailoring her words to whatever the target audience requires. I recommend her highly."
- Justine Northcott, Head Writer, JN Editorial