How to show up in your business like a boss

Do you show up in your business like a boss?

Do you hide behind excuses? Or do you step out of your comfort zone and take risks?

Do you whinge about your customers and clients? Or do you ask, “what did I do to contribute to this situation?”

Do you complain about the work? Or do you innovate and look for ways to creatively solve your problems?

The office.gif

On the weekend I went to Australia’s biggest, bestest and baddest copywriting conference, CopyCon.

In addition to getting armed up with light sabres (being May the fourth) we also got armed up with super practical content, like:

  • A template for creating sales pages that really work

  • Ideas for creating advanced content marketing plans

  • Using psychology to sell

  • Finding your X Factor (aka USP)

  • Briefing and research to make your project a success

  • How to scale your business and work with subcontractors.

And with speakers like…

… well, the resounding message was if you want to be a successful copywriter you’ve got to show up like.a.boss.

So, what does showing up like a boss mean? According to the speakers and presenters at CopyCon19 it’s:


Building an unbeatable brand

We’re living in the revolution of the heart and our customers want to work with brands who are values-based and stand apart. But taking your brand from basic biscuit to just gotta have it tim tam takes courage. You have to be willing to put your face and your ideas out there. You have to be willing to step away from the vanilla, play it bold and have some fun (a la Suz Chadwick in her mardi gras headwear).

Providing a premium service

A successful business is just as much about great relationships as it is about great sales. You have to understand what makes your clients tick so you can help them solve their problems, deliver unbeatable service and provide just a touch of surprise and delight.

Giving video a go

Anyone who is anyone in content marketing knows video is king. And bonus? Nothing demonstrates that you’re showing up for your business and your customers. And nothing does more to build connection, engagement and likability than putting your face out there on video. Even baby steps like publishing more Instagram lives or video conferencing with clients and customers will help you up your video errr game.

Caring about your craft and your creativity

If you want to keep showing up in your business you have to take care of yourself and your creativity. David Bell, Executive Creative Director at MercerBell spoke about creative burn out and what you need to do to prevent it. His advice? Keep making deposits in your creative bank. See plays, read books, visit galleries, go to a musty old bookstore, learn to paint or make pottery.

Stepping away from the cliche

This pretty much speaks for itself, so imma just leave it here.

And finally?

Showing up in your business like a boss is knowing that you don’t have to do it all on your own, which is what CopyCon and The (fabulous) Clever Copywriting Community is all about. Just like the year before, CopyCon 2019 was just as much about the killer content as it was about connecting with copywriting peers, and friends who are all supportive, lovely and generous with their brains and their time.

So, how are you showing up in your business like a boss? I’d love to hear!