Operation give something back

When I launched my freelance copywriting business, I had no idea how hard it would be or how rewarding.

Trust me when I say I know how lucky I am to have skills that are transferable to home-based freelance work. This life affords me flexibility and freedom. It allows me to live where I want and have my littles in daycare less often and for shorter days (thank the stars for daycare and bless those educators who take care of our kids!).

But freelance life is no joke. It’s not all working in active wear, getting a load of washing done whenever you want and constant access to the fridge. It can be lonely and relentless.

One of the up sides of my job? Other writers. Seriously you guys, Australian copywriters are good eggs. My business is thriving because of the help and support I’ve received from people* much smarter than me. People who have been generous with their time and advice and good humour kept me chugging along when things got tough.

So, as a way of paying it back I’m paying it forward. I’m passing some of the good fortune and help I’ve had along the way onto you.

Here’s the plan: you can have me for a full day; that’s 8 hours of my time. I will write for you or edit your writing or give you advice. I’ll probably do it from my home but if you need me to come to you and you’re close-ish to Melbourne, I can.

Are you a person? Small business? Not for profit? Theatre group? I’m happy to write about anything.

So, maybe you have a love letter or an apology you’d like to send to someone deserving, but you don’t know where to start. Maybe you’d like to write down your Nan’s life story. Maybe you’re looking for work and need your CV updated. Maybe you want to apply for a community grant or award. Or maybe you have a sweet friend with a new business that needs the help of a professional copywriter. I just want to do something for someone who genuinely needs it.

How to apply

You can email me, send me a message via my contact page or send me a Voxer.

I need you to tell me:

– A bit about yourself (and your friend if you're applying for someone else).

– What you want me to write (or edit) and more importantly, why.

– What having this writing (or editing) done will mean to you (or the person you are asking for).


There are a few small rules for anyone thinking about doing something cheeky:

– The writing has to be in English, sorry it’s the only language I speak, I’d make a very poor translator.

– What I’m writing (or editing) for you, or the person you’re asking for is something that you genuinely need.

– If you’re a business, you can only be a small one with limited budget - no large scale organisations who can afford to hire a copywriter.

– I’m going to decide on who I help on DATE, so you have two weeks exactly to get your requests in.

– The decision will be based on your need for a copywriter and why you think I can help.

– If you’re one of the people I'm able to work for, you’ll need to complete a brief and fit around my schedule. And what you want written or edited needs to happen within the next 12 months.

– You can use the 8 hours in one day or in parts over a couple of months, but it has to be all done and dusted in the next 12 months.