All about me

Working as a writer is a dream come true. And I’ve spent more than a decade livin’ that dream.

I love sitting at my desk with a hot coffee, hashing out ideas and bashing away on my keyboard (hello, loud typer!) But I also love a good chat on the phone and meeting new people.

And the best part of the job? All the interesting, smart, funny, entertaining and insightful people I get to work with.

I’ve helped everyone from podiatrists and pelvic health specialists to heavy machinery companies and children’s entertainers - creating content for them that builds trust and converts to sales.

Before going freelance, I earned my chops in the communications and media team at NAB. Over six years my jobs there covered media and PR work, reputation management, leadership and employee communications, brand work, content strategy, digital communications (and more).

After NAB, I worked in state government launching a brand new statutory body in the mental health space. As the communications manager, I led and delivered everything from content strategy and annual reports to brochures and social media strategy.

I’m a self-confessed word nerd, bookworm and coffee junkie. Nothing makes me happier than a clever turn of phrase, or a clearly articulated idea. My jam is turning tricky, jargon-laden ideas and materials into content that delights audiences.

Have a challenge for me? Bring it on!

ENough me, me, me… What does all this experience mean for you?

Top notch writing— And it’s not all cute sayings and clever phrases. With me you’ll get content that answers your objectives and speaks to your audience.

Slick project management— Tight deadlines? Multiple stakeholders? Competing agendas? They don’t scare me. I’ll wield my project management spreadsheets like a ninja to get your project done. All the outcomes with less stress for you.

Flexibility— Need blogs, social media copy and an email campaign? I’ve done it. Need an annual report or literature review? Yep, I’ve done that too. Not sure what you need and just want to chat? Call me! Chances are I can help. Whether the job is award entries for insurance providers or web copy for podiatrists, my clients tell me time and time again that I nailed their tone of voice and delivered precisely to their brief.

Just here for stalking purposes? Here come the personal details

When I'm not stuck behind the desk or head down in a book you’ll find me keeping two small humans (1 and 3 years old) happy and alive. Being a parent is, by far, the toughest gig I’ve ever taken on. But I’m learning some pretty cool stuff. I can name at least 10 different types of dinosaur, and I know how to draw the perfect monster.

I’m also campaigning for a puppy for my birthday, so if you happen to be talking to my husband can you mention how awesome dogs are?

When I’m not Mumming or working… hahaha! Who am I kidding?! I’m always Mumming or working, or doing both simultaneously. Good thing I love what I do!

Get in touch

If you'd like to talk about how a copywriter can help you, or if you'd like your own personalised monster drawing, drop me a line and say "hi."